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Our Mulberry Tree - BSN/VLA/PN

Composer: Leventhal, Amy

Publisher: ALV (Leventhal)

Edition: 57635


Our Mulberry Tree
for bassoon, viola, and piano
by Amy Leventhal (b. 1956) - American composer
I. Mulberry Tree
II. Why?
III. In the Immortal Plane
From the composer:
A Mulberry Tree arrived in our backyard courtesy of the birds. Every Spring, it has become loaded with mulberries and feeds many creatures. I wanted to express its fecundity and the joy of its existence. This is in the first movement.
The second movement is called Why? and was composed right after the massacre of innocent young and older people of the LGBTQ Community in Orlando, FL. 
The third movement is named In the Immortal Plane. I imagined all the victim's souls being bathed in gentle purple light. It is my fervent hope that their spirits are at rest and that they are being given great care and love. My heart goes out to all of their loved ones. 
Duration: 7:41