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Merman - OB/PN

Composer: Leventhal, Amy

Publisher: ALV (Leventhal)

Edition: 57637


Merman (2018)
for oboe and piano
by Amy Leventhal (b. 1956) - American composer
I. Merman
II. She Appears: Mourning
III. In Love
From the composer:
I have composed this piece for oboist Dan Ellis. I thought about all the introverts I know and wanted to convey the majesty of their personalities which lie beneath the surface. I thought of the ocean as a metaphor for all the richness hidden beneath and in the first movement, began imagining Dan as a Merman swimming in a kelp forest. The kelp is represented by the piano chords rising up from the deep the way kelp does from its roots to its leafiness above. Dan is portrayed by the oboe swimming above the kelp. 
In the second movement, a merwoman comes to the merman with her heart full of grief. In the last movement, the couple play beneath the ocean waves. Of course, I hope when you listen to this music, you will make up your own stories. 
Duration: 8:36