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Promenons-Nous dans l'Hautbois-OB/PN

Composer: Dubois, Pierre Max

Publisher: Leduc (France)

Edition: AL24233


Promenons-Nous dans l'Hautbois
Let's Delve into the Oboe
for oboe and piano
by Pierre-Max Dubois (1930-1995)- French composer
I. Prelude
II. Petit Ballet
III. Sicilienne
IV. Petite Valse
V. Calinerie
VI. Elegie
VII. Passepied
VIII. Complainte
IX. Valse Musette
X. Cornemuse

Dubois' music is characteristically light-hearted with unusual harmonic and melodic textures. This work consists of ten movements composed in various dance styles, such as Petit Ballet (Little Ballet) and Petite Valse (Little Waltz). For beginners.