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Le Tombeau de Mireille-OB/PERC

Composer: Tomasi, Henri

Publisher: Leduc (France)

Edition: AL22798


Le Tombeau de Mireille (1959)
for oboe (or flute) and percussion
by Henri Tomasi (1901-1971)- French composer and conductor

Percussion is listed as: Tambourin, ou Caisse claire detimbree ou Piano. Performance score.

Thisis a highly unusual and modern work, not only in instrumentation, but in its use of varying time signatures, complex rhythms and a range of performance directions. 

Tomasi was born in Marseille, but his Father and Mother were originally from La Casinca in Corsica. Despite being pressured into musical studies by his parents, he dreamed of becoming a sailor, and during the summer, he stayed with his Grandmother in Corsica where he learnt traditional Corsican songs. However, in 1921, he began his studies at the Paris Conservatoire. Tomasi did not forget his Corsican routes, often incorporating themes of the songs he had learnt during the summers with his Grandmother in to his compositions. 

Duration: 8:00