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Dix-Huit (18) Etudes - OB or SAX

Composer: Bozza, Eugene

Publisher: Leduc (France)

Edition: 62997


Dix-Huit (18) Etudes Pour Hautbois ou Saxophone
for oboe or saxophone
by Eugene Bozza (1905-1991) - French composer

For for upper intermediate / advanced players. Quite difficult, most of these studies are one page long and will improve the flexibility and the sonority of the players:
1. Moderato a piacere, with the character of an improvisation
2. Moderato expressive and flexible
3. Allegro giocoso
4. Très modérément with a nice sonority
5. Allegretto scherzando
6. Andantino with a nice sonority
7. Andantino deep and quiet
8. Tarentelle (Allegro vivace)
9. Andantino
10. Recitativo
11. Allegro moderato (grazioso)
12. Allegro moderato
13. Allegro vivo
14. Sicilienne
15. Improvisation after Pastoral Fantasy for Oboe and Piano
16. Recitativo (Moderato)
17. Presto
18. Moderato