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Vingt (20) Etudes - BSN

Composer: Bitsch, Marcel

Publisher: Leduc (France)

Edition: 4493


Vingt Etudes (20 Etudes)
for bassoon
by Marcel Bitsch (1921-2011) - French composer

Rated as difficult (7, 8), this volume was written to maintain the skills already acquired by the players and to help them to master all the techniques that could still need improvement such as breathing, flexibility, nuances and scores in different keys. Each study has a different mode and/or key and lasts between one and two pages. This set is a must-have for bassoon players who want to maintain their level. Marcel Bitsch was a French musician who specialized in teaching counterpoint and fugue. He composed many orchestral pieces and some chamber music. He also wrote the analysis of some works by J.S. Bach.”