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Sarabande et Cortege-BSN/PN

Composer: Dutilleux, Henri

Publisher: Leduc (France)

Edition: AL20097


Sarabande et Cortege
for bassoon and piano
by Henri Dutilleux (1916-2013)- French composer

The Sarabande et Cortege for Bassoon and Piano displays influences of Debussy's eschewing of tonality and Ravel's inventive textures. These, combined with a unique use of structure and pedal points create a truly riveting piece for Bassoon and Piano. Sarabande et Cortege comes at the beginning of Dutilleux's career and was composed as part of a set of four exam pieces for the Paris Conservatoire (1942-1950). The popularity of all four pieces remains, and they continue to be performed to this day. Elements like lyrical melodies and furious passage-work  make for an exciting piece for bassoonists. 


To hear a Youtube recording of this piece by Laura Bennett Cameron, please click on the following link