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Oboe Concerto (Score & Parts)-OB/BAND

Composer: Higdon, Jennifer

Publisher: Lawdon Press (Jennifer Higdon)

Edition: 001B


Oboe Concerto
for oboe and wind ensemble
by Jennifer Higdon (b. 1962)- American composer

I have always thought the sound of the oboe to be one of the most elegant sounds in the palette of the wind family. When the opportunity came to write a concerto for this wonderful instrument, I jumped at it. As the oboe’s tone has always enchanted me, I decided that I wanted to veer from the normal style of concerto writing, where virtuosity is the primary element on display, and feature the rich tone of this double-reed instrument. To that end, this work has long sections (including the opening) that showcase its melodic gift, which alternate with 2 faster scherzi, giving the instrument’s technical speed a chance to shine. The original version, for oboe and orchestra, was commissioned by the Minnesota Commissioning Club.

--Jennifer Higdon

The piano reduction is available here. 

Duration: 18:00