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Pocket Grooves - BSN/PERC

Composer: Koshinski, Gene

Publisher: C Alan Publications

Edition: 54290


Pocket Grooves
for bassoon and percussion
by Gene Koshinski- American composer and percussionist

I. Joropo
II. Samai
III. Choro

Pocket Grooves is designed with "small" in mind. The pieces are short and require small hand-held instruments for the percussionist while they also focus on simple harmony and simple melody. While these pieces present incredible challenges for the bassoonist, they are aesthetically light in nature and designed to celebrate three different traditional styles of music in the world (Joropo from Venezuela, Samai from the Middle East, and Choro from Brazil).
Pocket Grooves was written for bassoonist Jefferson Campbell as a request for companion piece to Get It! (Item #52955), another work for bassoon and percussion by the same composer, in the same vein. Campbell asked for the same for the bassoon that stems from the "popular" music idiom and is compositional approach here - a challenging work accessible to a wide range of audiences.
The three movements in Pocket Grooves may be performed in any order and may be combined with Get It! to create a four-movement suite. In this case, all pieces should be considered movements of Pocket Grooves.
For example:
Pocket Grooves
  I. Joropo
  II. Samai
  III. Choro
  IV. Get It!
Gene Koshinski (b. 1980)

Duration: ca. 4:00

Click here to order Get It!. 

Follow this link to a Youtube performance of the piece by Dr. Campbell and Gene Koshinski.