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Apex Predator - 2BSNS

Composer: Klompenberg, Martin Van

Publisher: Klompenberg, Martin Van

Edition: 71558


Apex Predator
for two bassoons
by Martin J. Van Klompenberg - American bassoonist and composer


Apex Predator began life as all pieces do: With a small child who loves dinosaurs.  During a video chat with my nephew, Georgie, he very excitedly told me of the Titanboa, the largest snake that ever existed. Having never heard of this monstrous beast, I took to the internet, and after falling into a wormhole, stumbled upon an article on apex predators. When one thinks of apex predators, the top link in the food chain, the usual thought goes to lions, tigers and bears, however, depending on the biome, apex predators
come in all sorts of species, sizes, speeds and colors. This disparity is what I hoped to explore. The Bengal Tiger, the well-known hunter, stalking and pouncing its prey; the alligator, snapping turtle, wading in its muddy home, waiting for a chance
to strike; the majestic orca, king of the oceans; the golden eagle, with its brilliant wingspan; and the Komodo dragon, the largest lizard on earth, with its poisonous bite and shockingly fast speed.

This piece was originally published for bass clarinet and bassoon.