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Bassoon Sight Reading - BSN [POP]

Composer: Kember, John

Publisher: Schott (Germany)

Edition: 66128


Bassoon Sight Reading
for bassoon
by John Kember and Danielle Hartley

This collection of original tunes presents carefully graded sight-reading pieces and exercises in a range of musical styles. Taking an approach based on self-learning, the 11 sections of the book focus on developing different key technical skills as well as introducing the student to a plethora of musical terms. Each section of the book contains solos, as well as duets and pieces with piano accompaniment for practicing ensemble sight-reading. Suitable for preliminary to advanced level students. Part of the comprehensive Sight-Reading series published by Schott and edited by John Kember. In English, French and German.
"Bassoon Sight Reading aims to establish good practice and provide a comprehensive source of material to enable the player to prepare for this most important skill. Ideally, sight-reading in some form should become a regular part of a student's routine each time they play. This book offers the opportunity to establish the habit from the earliest stages of playing and follows a logical sequence of progression in range of notes, variety of times, keys, and rhythms to cover the whole spectrum of bassoon playing.

6/1/2023 - This title is out of print and we have sold our last copy.