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Two Dances - WW5

Composer: Kassal, James

Publisher: TrevCo

Edition: 71966


Two Dances
for woodwind quintet: flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, and bassoon
by James Kassal - American composer

Prelude and Tango
Square Foot (Two Step, sort of)



Prelude and Tango makes extensive use of the rhythm of Morse Code for the word TANGO. That rhythm is briefly introduced at the beginning of the prelude section which employs  a 5/4 meter and a theme that turns decidedly Latin in flavor to set up the Tango. The Morse code rhythm is featured during an extended transition to the Tango section which gradually becomes catchy music that will have listeners dancing in their chairs. The Morse Code rhythm re-emerges at the very end to conclude the piece.

Square Foot is very quirky. It is humorous music with many unexpected little twists.  It is sort of a Two Step but a bit slower than the traditional dance form.  While listening to this, it’s hard not to imagine marionette puppets dancing about a mini stage. Although there are several passages that could be “swung”, the intent is to keep it totally square for the comic intent.

Total performance time – about 11 minutes.