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Prairie Etudes - EH/CD

Composer: Joyce, Brooke

Publisher: Toy Dog Music

Edition: 69215


Prairie Etudes
for English horn with live electronics and video
by Brooke Joyce - American composer

Commissioned and premiered by Susan Tomkiewicz, 2006

Plain Song
I wear the plains.
The land lies long in my soul,
opens a space inside.
Snow-trails line the fields-
empty fullness, dark light.
My eyes follow fine wires
where birds light in rows.
Poles and fenceposts
measure my longing.
In summer, I walk
and wade the earth.
Sprouts slash the rich black,
flesh into leaf, flower, grain.
The rows shine green-
earthpaths in the heart.
-Carol Gilbertson
A laptop computer (running the open source program Pure Data), an audio interface with a quality microphone, a projector with a screen, and a sounds system are required for performance. Detailed instructions are provided in the score. There is not an actual CD included.