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Rustiques (score & parts)-5BSN/CBSN

Composer: Jimenez, Ruben

Publisher: TrevCo

Edition: 68142


for five bassoons and contrabassoon (with optional quint bassoon part)
by Ruben Jimenez (b. 1997)- Spanish composer and bassoonist, also known as the artist, "Niño Rubén”

The title Rustiques us derived from words such as rustic, coarse, and ordinary. These are words that sometimes can connote a negative meaning. However, something ordinary or even rude can also be very nice. This work has expansive and energetic sections and utilizes a family of bassoons, highlighting that instrument's beautiful sound, both individually and as an ensemble. Formally, it has a mysterious introduction that is followed by an energetic allegro and wistful romance. 
Officially for quint bassoon, five bassoons, and contra, the quint bassoon part is optional, and has been cued into the first bassoon. 

Rustiques is one of the first compositions that aims to bring together the entire family of the bassoon, including the contrabassoon and the quint bassoon to imitate the various ranges and timbres of an organ. Commissioned by the bassoonist José Lozano.  Here's a video link: