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Fagot Flamenco - SOLO BSN

Composer: Jimenez, Ruben

Publisher: TrevCo

Edition: 3204 - 68143


Fagot Flamenco
for solo bassoon
by Ruben Jimenez (b. 1997) - Spanish composer and bassoonist, also known as the artist, "Niño Rubén”

This work is written under the flamenco style of solea, considered to be the mother style of flamenco. The richness of its musical structure supports this statement, as it encompasses one of the most representative of flamenco rhythms and modal systems that makes its tonalities unique. Its character is balanced between the slow and intimate like the seguiriyas, and the brilliant and extroverted of the cantinas or bulerias. The essence of flamenco is three-fold: cante (sing), toque (to the guitar) and baile (dance). The bassoon must imitate the solo guitar, thus combining the rhythm and harmony typical of flamenco sonority. 
There are two versions in this edition. The first one is full of annotations in terms of tempo, agogic accents, dynamics, articulations, and more. All are from the composer, where he proposes a form of interpretation of the piece. The second is a clean unedited version where the performer can allow his imagination and his feelings to determine his own version. Flamenco music is a living music, where the performer can make the piece his own.