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Pan and Apollo, op. 78 - 2OB/EH/HARP

Composer: Gipps, Ruth

Publisher: Emerson Editions (England)

Edition: 62572


Pan & Apollo, op. 78
for two oboes, English horn, and harp

by Ruth Gipps (1921-1999)

Midas was the judge between of a musical competition between Pan and Apollo, and for deciding against Apollo was punished with ass's ears which he tried to conceal under his Phrygian camp. He revealed their existence only to his barber, who tried to relieve himself of the intolerable burden of the secret by digging a hole in the earth in a secluded spot, into which he whispered the secret. This story is one of the earliest examples of the argument between wind and string players; we do not know who adjudicated the adjudicator. The music of this short work represents only the competition itself, with both gods in extrovert mood.

-Ruth Gipps

Also listed under 2OB/EH for search purposes but is is indeed for 2OB/EH/HARP.