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Oboe Sonata - OB/PN

Composer: Gregson, Edward

Publisher: Emerson Editions (England)

Edition: 62405


Oboe Sonata

for oboe and piano (1965)

by Edward Gregson

I. Allegro giocoso
II. Andante doloroso
III. Allegretto con brio
This work is in three movements, and broadly classical in style exploiting both lyrical and rhythmic elements. The first movement uses a contracted sonata form with a strongly lyrical second subject. The second movement is contemplative, and uses an ABA structure. There is canonic writing in the middle section between oboe and piano before recalling the opening theme of the first movement. The last movement is a rondo and is rhythmic in character, using changing time patterns in the episodes. These is also more than a hint of parody in the music, which is exuberant throughout.