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Concerto for Bassoon-BSN/PN

Composer: Fogg, Eric

Publisher: Emerson Editions (England)

Edition: 122


Concerto for Bassoon

by Eric Fogg (1903-1939)

I. Allegro Vivace
II. Grave e molto sostenuto
III. Con spirito

Piano reduction by Robert Groves

Duration: 19:20

Considered by the composer to be his finest work, this concerto was dedicated to Archie Camden, who wrote: This concerto exploits the full range of the instrument, its ability for quick passage-work and its fine sound in soft melody. Sometimes jolly and a trifle mischievous, but in the lovely slow movement it can get full and warm-toned over the bass ostinato. The orchestral accompaniment is fairly light, with much use of the percussion- particularly in the last movement in an effective and witty duet with the bassoon.