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Intermediate Studies for Developing Artists on the Oboe - OB

Composer: Jagow, Shelley

Publisher: Meredith Music

Edition: 63497


Intermediate Studies for the Developing Artist on the Oboe

by Shelley Jagow
This method was conceived with the goal of providing the intermediate-level player with appropriate literature to continue their development as a technically proficient and musically expressive artist performer. 
This book provides a comprehensive repertory of exercises, excerpts, and melodies designed to progressively advance the skills and musicality of the intermediate oboist. Several concepts and strategies are presented to both challenge former skills and introduce new ones. A number of pieces offer additional information including composer dates and nationality, music terminology, and interesting facts in order to encourage further study by the student about each piece, composer, or historical style period. 
Materials found in this book include:
  • Key signatures
  • Time signatures
  • Dynamics
  • Range
  • Clefs
  • Tempos
  • Terminology
  • Genres/Styles
  • Articulation
  • Rhyhtm
  • Variety of repertoire