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The Happiest Musician - BOOK

Composer: Ingle, Jennet

Publisher: Ingle, Jennet

Edition: 72016


The Happiest Musicain
by Jennet Ingle - American oboist, reed maker, and author


As a musician, do you feel



Creatively fulfilled?

Supported in your creative goals?

Financially comfortable?

Balanced and spacious in your life?

If you answered no to any of these questions, you need to read The Happiest Musician.

In her signature inspiring, direct, and approachable style, Jennet Ingle walks you through the path she’s followed to thrive in her own creative career and life. She shares advice and tips on navigating auditions, freelancing, soloing, starting a side business, running a teaching studio, becoming more visible, and identifying and creating your own perfect portfolio career.