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The Contrabassoon- History and Technique-CBSN

Composer: Inconis, Raimondo

Publisher: Ricordi (Italy)

Edition: 3008


Il Contrafagotto: Storia e tecnica (2013)
by Raimondo Inconis

This is one of the more comprehensive guides to the Contrabassoon out there. Contents include:
1. Preface
2. General Scale of pitches and abbreviations
3. The History of the Contrabassoon
4. Constructors
5. Operatic and Symphony Repertoire
6. Chamber music repertoire
7. Concertos
8. Posture
9. Basic Exercises
10. Exercises for the agility of fingers
11. Leaps
12. Advanced Exercises
13. Orchestral Excerpts
14. Various Indications
15. Construction of the Reed
16. Reed Manual
17. Fingering Chart
18. Trills