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Dreaming in Colours - BSN/PN

Composer: Lee, HyeKyung

Publisher: HyeKyung Lee

Edition: 61695


Dreaming in Colours (2004)
for bassoon and piano
by HyeKyung Lee (b. 1959) - Korean/American composer
I. Shades of Blue
II. Old Rose
III. Pale Yellow- Dark Red
Dreaming in Colours was commissioned by Nicolasa Kuster and Kristin W Jensen for the 2005 Meg Quigley Vivaldi Competition. Each movement has its own distinctive colors. They can be palleted into any kind of color depending on a performer's interpretation. The first movement is hopeful and cheerful, the second is dreamy and illusionary, and the third movement is nonchalant, realistic and even angry. In dreams, there is no limit to imagination. 
Duration: 14:00-15:00