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Composer: Frith, John

Publisher: Hop Vine Music (England)

Edition: HV026


for bassoon and piano
by John Frith (b. 1947)- British composer
  1. Moderato
  2. Andante espressivo
  3. Allegretto con moto

From the composer:

It is more than thirty years since I wrote this wonderful combination of bassoon and piano. Working closely with Hugh Field-Richards of Hop Vine Music (himself an amateur bassoonist) has encouraged me to return to this king of woodwind instruments. Its sheer agility and three octave range- from 'sonorous' bass through 'pithy' middle, to its bel canto tenor register makes writing for the bassoon a true delight. The work is cyclical in structure with the triumphant Bb Major theme which concludes the first movement, reappearing in the closing bars of the third movements. This four-note repeated pattern also forms the ostinato of the second movement (on the note D). This permeates the whole movement supporting the bassoon melody.