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Duets for Bassoons (Glasenapp/Karl)-2BSN

Composer: Collection

Publisher: Hofmeister (Germany)

Edition: 3452


Duets for bassoons
for two bassoons
Edited and compiled by Franz Glasenapp and Adolf Karl
1. Duo for Two Bassoons- Etienne Ozi
2. Allegretto- Ernst Krakamp
3. Allegro- Carl Almenraeder
4. Allegro moderato- Ernst Krakamp
5. Andante- Carl Almenraeder
6. Allegretto- Carl Almenraeder
7. Allegro con brio- Ernst Krkamp 
8. Andante grazioso- Etienne Ozi
9. Allegro- Etienne Ozi
10. Allegro- Carl Almenraeder
11. Poco lento- Carl Almenraeder
12. Andante- Etienne Ozi
13. Allegretto cantabile- Etienne Ozi
14. Allegro- Carl Almenraeder
15. Menuetto- Carl Almenraeder
16. Allegro- Mitgeteilt in Kuffners Fagott-Schulel
17. Tempo di Minuetto- Etienne Ozi
18. Moderato- Carl Almenraeder
19. Andante- Etienne Ozi
20. Allegretto- Etienne Ozi
21. Allegro con moto- Carl Almenraeder
22. Adagio sostenuto- Ernst Krakamp
23. Poco presto- Etienne Ozi
24. Larghetto cantabile- Ernst Krakamp
25. Lento- Etienne Ozi
26. Allegro moderato- Carl Almenraeder
27. Allegretto- Etienne Ozi
28. Lento- Etienne Ozi
29. Adagio- Etienne Ozi
30. Allegro- Etienne Ozi
31. Allegretto moderato- Ernst Krakamp
32. Allegretto- Etienne Ozi
33. Adagio- Etienne Ozi
34. Allegro moderato- Etienne Ozi
35. Allegretto- Etienne Ozi
36. Andante mosso- Ernst Krakamp
37. Allegro- Etienne Ozi
38. Siciliano- Etienne Ozi
39. Allegretto moderato- Ernst Krakamp
40. Allegro- Etienne Ozi
41. Adagio non troppo- Etienne Ozi
42. Andante- Etienne Ozi
43. Andantino- Etienne Ozi
44. Allegretto moderato- Ernst Krakamp
45. Tempo di Minuetto- Etienne Ozi
46. Allegretto- Ernst Krakamp
47. Lento- Etienne Ozi
48. Larghetto- Ernst Krakamp
49. No indication- Etienne Ozi 
This collection includes works by all the great bassoon player-composers such as Ozi, Milde, Almenraeder, etc. These short works are meant for pedagogical purposes.