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Contemporary Music for Two Bassoons (Performance Score)-2BSN

Composer: Misc

Publisher: Hofmeister (Germany)

Edition: 3423


Contemporary Music for Two Bassoons

Edited by Dieter Haenchen, this book contains:

1. "5 Bagatelles for 2 Bassoons" by Helga Warner-Buhlmann
2. "5 Inventions" by Georg Katzer
3. "Schade" (What a shame!) by Mia Schmidt
4. "Scherz-oh!" (Joke-Oops!) by Mia Schmidt
5. "Arabesque for 2 Bassoons" by Takehito Shimazu
6. "Dicke Schlange im Baum und ihre vermeindliche Beute" (A thick snake in the tree and its prey) by Bernd Caspar
7. "Traurigen Terzen" (Sorrowful Thirds) by Bernd Caspar
8. "Synchronspringen" by Hermann Keller
9. "Ein Hauch von Blues 4" by Hermann Keller
10. "5 Allegories" by Friedrich Schenker
11. "statisch-bewegt" (static-move) by H. Johannes Wallmann
This book comes as one performance score. There are no individual parts.