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Concerto #4 Op 83-BSN/PN

Composer: Bruns, Victor

Publisher: Hofmeister (Germany)

Edition: 2921


Concerto #4 Op 83
for bassoon and piano
by Victor Bruns (1904-1996)- German composer and bassoonist
I. Moderato
II. Andante tranquillo
III. Allegro giocoso

Bruns' style, which has its roots in the Russian traditions with which he grew up, is musical through and through; the musical ideas teem with cheerful invention- flowering cantilena motifs dominate, together with a pregnant rhythmic inventiveness that is never obscure. The concerto displays especial charm, the demanding virtuosic solo parts of which- above all, of course, those for bassoon- are always well-conceived for their instrument and never rely on a superficial straining for effect.

Orchestral material is available for rental from the publisher.