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Fripperies, V4 (13-16) (score & parts) - 4BSN

Composer: Shaw, Lowell E.

Publisher: Hornists Nest

Edition: 61527


Fripperies, Volume 4 (13-16)
for four bassoons (or trombones)
by Lowell E. Shaw (b. 1930) - American composer
1. Frippery #13- "Something Old"- The Old Soft Shoe
2. Frippery #14- "Something in Two"- Vaudeville Chaser Tempo
3. Frippery #15- "Some Things Borrowed"- Allegro Rusticana
4. Frippery #16- "Something Blue"- Medium

The idea behind the writing of the Fripperies has been to give the quartet the chance to swing a bit as a self-contained unit, that is, without an added rhythm section. Thus, the rhythmic motion is built into the parts, and the clarity and continuity of this rhythmic drive will determine the effectiveness of the performance. While the resulting product of all of this obviously should sound rather light-hearted and tongue-in-cheek, the approach which will best achieve this will be a careful one, with attention to details and sensitivity to what is happening with the quartet.