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Sight-Sing Any Melody Instantly-BOOK

Composer: Phillips, Mark

Publisher: Hal Leonard

Edition: 21565


Sight-Sing Any Melody Instantly
by Mark Phillips

This book is a great way to improve sight-singing abilities. 

Emphasis on:

1. How to memorize the sound of each scale degree in Major keys. 

2. How to memorize the sound of each scale degree in minor keys. 

3. How to hear and sing chromatic tones.

4. Sight-singing tips and tricks.

Many voice students are incorrectly taught to sight-sing by memorizing the sounds of intervals. This book is for you if you'd like to be able to look at any melody and instantly know how it sounds. It will show you how to memorize the sound of each scale degree in both major and minor keys, sing chromatic tones, and much more. Packed with tips and tricks, this new book is essential for every vocalist.