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Virtuosity: Daily Foundation Studies for the Advanced Bassoonist V2-BSN

Composer: Hasenzahl, Oliver

Publisher: Accolade (Germany)

Edition: 57091


Daily Foundation Studies for the Advanced Bassoonist V2
by Oliver Hasenzahl (b. 1966)- German composer and bassoonist

From the composer:

Daily exercise is natural for every sportsman. Also for bassoon players it is necessary to gain a clean and natural technique. For this we have to consider a few important aspects:

  1. In the beginning all exercises must be played slowly! Be comfortable.
  2. Pay attention to the sound the airflow and the fingers. The fingers should make nice, synchronized and rhythmic movements.
  3. Start practicing with the music, then step by step for memory. Practice also without the instrument and imagine the process of the movements in your mind. 
  4. Practice different articulations and rhythmic variations.
  5. Play the exercises with different volumes, also with crescendo and diminuendo.
  6. Practice with and without a metronome (develop an inner metronome)
  7. Increase the tempo gradually and naturally.
  8. Regarding the staccato exercises: the tongue is a muscle, which requires careful and regular training. At first the staccato must sound clean and well-articulated. This is most important! The tempo increases step by step. For this reason the exercises are subdivided into studies for tone development, flexible fingers, coordination of fingers and tongue, and stamina. 
  9. Act like a gardener, who takes care of his plants every day- they will grow naturally. But be careful! Don't drive like a tractor through the flowerbed!

Volume 1 is available as ACC 1606a