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Little Suite (performance scores) - 2BSN

Composer: Hanna, Reed

Publisher: Potenza Music

Edition: 65657


Little Suite

for two bassoons

by Reed Hanna

Dedicated to Shannon Lowe and Peter Geldrich

Little Suite is a short work for bassoon and bass clarinet that I wrote in 2013-14 as a gift for my friends, Shannon Lowe and Peter Geldrich. The movements are written in three distinct musical styles: the first movement is inspired by clarinet lines in the opening section of Stravinsky's Symphonies of Wind Instruments, and the second movement by the Passacaglia in Krysztof Penderecki's "Symphony #3". The third movement is an original dance tune that I sometimes jokingly like to refer to as a 3/4 rhumba. 

The version for two bassoon came as an afterthought after I had performed the piece for the first time with a bass clarinet. The two bassoon iteration is not all that different from the original, but sounds remarkably different because of the same instrumental timbre. I have since wondered what the piece would sound like if the second part were played on a cello, or the first part (with some obvious octave transpositions) on a viola...

-Reed Hanna

This title comes with two performance scores, one of which is unbound. 

This piece is also available in the original version for bass clarinet and bassoon: