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The Big Book of Sight Reading Duets - 2OB

Composer: Hamilton, Sarah

Publisher: Mountain Peak Music

Edition: 71516


The Big Book of Sight Reading Duets for Oboe

edited by Sarah Hamilton, based on duets by David Vining

The Big Book of Sight Reading Duets for Oboe: 100 Sight Reading Challenges for You and a Friend, based on duets by David Vining and edited by Sarah Hamilton, is appropriate for high school through professional oboe players.

The Big Book of Sight Reading Duets provides a fun and effective way to improve sight reading! The 100 duets are progressively arranged so every skill level is addressed, and there are a wide variety of styles, keys, time signatures, and other musical requirements for plenty of diversity.

The Big Book of Sight Reading Duets comes in flute, oboe, clarinet, and bassoon editions designed to coordinate with one another. If an oboe player has the oboe edition, for example, they can play along with a flute player who has the flute edition or a clarinet player with the clarinet edition.

Whether you play these duets with a friend or a teacher, sight reading with a partner provides an incentive for playing each duet without stopping because you don’t want to disappoint your partner. The Big Book of Sight Reading Duets also provides additional tips and advice for improvement to address a skill so important and lacking for many musicians.

“Trillpalooza,” “Wacky Waltz,” “Late for Rehearsal,” and “Rhythm Tornado” are just a few of the clever ditties found within, so stop dreading sight reading and learn the secrets to reading music accurately at first sight with The Big Book of Sight Reading Duets!

"A big congratulations on The Big Book of Sight Reading Duets for Oboe! This book provides a clear, methodical approach to the development of sight reading skills through collaborative exploration. The duets pose a variety of challenges not limited to just variations of rhythm and pitches, but also in regards to articulation, dynamics, registral shifts, musicality, and independence of musical lines—all within a progressive manner to continually test one’s growing skills. As a pedagogue, I look forward to utilizing this book with my students.”  - Jared Hauser, Associate Professor of Oboe, Vanderbilt University Blair School of Music

"These duets will be a fixture on the music stand in my studio. Their progressive structure will make them useful for students at all developmental levels, with an ideal balance of challenge and enjoyment. My students will especially benefit from their stylistic diversity, use of different key signatures and harmonic language, and gentle introduction of meter changes." - Dr. Aaron Hill, Assistant Professor of Oboe and classical Saxophone, University of Nevada, Reno

100 pages, spiral bound to lay flat on the music stand