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Duos Amusants: Four Easy Suites (performance score) - 2OB or 2FL

Composer: Collection

Publisher: Heinrichshofen & Noetzel (Germany)

Edition: 2396


Duos Amusants: Four Easy Suites
for two oboes (or two flutes, or two recorders)
Edited by Hugo Ruf
1. Suite by Charles Baton (fl.1733-1758)
I. Gracieusement
II. La Volage
III. 1e Gigue
IV. 2e Gigue
V. Menuet
VI. Le Contrefaiseur
2. Pastorale by Joseph Bodin de Boismortier (1688-1755)
I. Gaiment
II. 1e Tambourin
III. 2e Tambourin
IV. Rondeau
V. 1e Passepied
VI. 2e Passepied
VII. Gaiment
3. Suite by Esprit-Philippe Chedeville (1696-1762)
I. Musette
II. Rigaudon
III. Chaconne
IV. 1e Tambourin
V. 2e Tambourin
VI. Menuet
4. Suite by Michel Corrette (1709-1795)
I. La Paysanne
II. Gigue
III. Courante
IV. Sarabande
V. 1e Minuet
VI. 2e Minuet
VII. 3e Minuet
This edition comes as one performance score. There are no individual parts.