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Oboe Jewels (score & parts) - 2OB/EH

Composer: Grethen, Luc

Publisher: Accolade (Germany)

Edition: 71774


Oboe Jewels
for two oboes and English horn
by Luc Grethen (b. 1964) -  Luxembourgish composer and pedagogue


In this work, seven jewels are described musically.
  The first gem is the red ruby, which has an invigorating and vibrant effect, and embodies zest for life, inner strength and self-confidence.
  In the second movement, the green emerald follows; it represents beauty and harmony, as well as new ideas and flashes of inspiration.
  Next, in the third movement, the golden yellow amber reveals its cheerfulness, zest for life and inner strength.
  The fourth movement relates to the blue lapis lazuli, suggesting calm, serenity and trust.
  Afterwards, in the fifth movement, the pink rose quartz unveils its romance, sensitivity and harmony.
  The precious diamond conveys strength of character, will power and beauty in the sixth movement.
  Finally, the clear rock crystal completes the collection in the last movement with its clarity, calm and strength.