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Astro-Fagotte (Performance Scores)-2BSN

Composer: Grethen, Luc

Publisher: Accolade (Germany)

Edition: 1515


for two bassoons
by Luc Grethen (b. 1964)- Luxembourgish composer and pedagogue
1. Aries/Widder
2. Taurus/Stier
3. Gemini/Zwillinge
4. Cancer/Krebs
5. Leo/Lowe
6. Virgo/Jungfrau
7. Libra/Waage
8. Scorpio/Skorpion
9. Sagittaurius/Schutze
10. Capricorn/Steinbock
11. Aquarius/Wasserman
12. Pisces/Fische
12 Duets according to signs of the Zodiac. In this work, each sign of the zodiac is represented in a musically nuanced way. Each duet, just like its corresponding sign, has its own character and mood. These are expressed through different tempi, keys, and styles of playing.