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Seven Easy Melodies-OB/PN

Composer: Friedman, Gary

Publisher: Gary Friedman (composer)

Edition: GF03


Seven Easy Melodies
for oboe and piano
by Gary Friedman (b. 1934)- American composer

1. First Melody
2. Belvoir
3. Hamelin Before
4. Hamelin After
5. Sarabande
6. March
7. March Fantasy

These were written at the suggestion of Janet Popesco Archibald, my oboe teacher, who expressed a need for more nice pieces for oboe students early in their training. Because of these students' relatively poor endurance, the piano takes over the melodies in places to give the oboist opportunities to rest. They are suitable for beginning and intermediate level students, both young and adult. Piano cues appear in the oboe part so more of the melodies can be played on the oboe when appropriate.

Duration: Duration: 15:00
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