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Quatuor Concertant Op 27 #2 (Score & Parts)-FL/CL/BSN/HN or FL/OB/BSN/HN

Composer: Gebauer, François René

Publisher: Accolade (Germany)

Edition: 238b


Quatuor Concertnat Op 27 #2
for flute, clarinet (or oboe), horn, and bassoon
by Francois-Rene Gebauer (1773-1845)- French composer, professor, and bassoonist and the son of a German military musician
I. Adagio- Allegro agitato
II. Rondeau- Allegro
Parts are provided for all 5 instruments so it can be a quartet for flute, oboe, bassoon, and horn or a quartet for flute, clarinet, bassoon, and horn. Edited by Jean-Christophe Dassonville.