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Solares Equidistantes-SOLO BSN

Composer: Fernandez, Ferdinand

Publisher: Moose (Mihaylov Editions)

Edition: MOOSE 2


Solares Equidistantes
for solo bassoon
by Fernando Fernandez (b. 1964)- Peruvian composer
I. Marinera: Moderato Maestoso
II. Huayno: Allegretto giocoso

Marinera is a dance that represents the aesthetic and musical fusion of the Peruvian Coast which is of unusual beauty. It was formerly known as Zamacueca, a peasant dance with a simple beat and an Afro-Amerindian tone and rhythm that at the end of the 19th century evolved into La Marinera, combining Spanish tonality and Andean rhythms. This dance is a spectacular show that represents the courtship between a man and a woman trying to conquer each other. 

Huayno is a mixed gender dance of the Prehistoric Tahuantinsuyo Andean Region. The name "Huayno" comes from the Quecha Incan word "huaynunakunay" meaning "dancing holding hands". The musical structure has a pentatonic base with binary rhythm and dynamic character.