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Second Book of Oboe Solos-OB/PN

Composer: Craxton, Janet

Publisher: Faber (England)

Edition: 50328


28 solos (arrangements) by well-known composers for the intermediate oboist. Includes a nice, brief narrative about each piece and the composer. Edited and arranged by Janet Craxton and Alan Richardson. 

  1. Blow- Ayre
  2. Richardson- A Dance-Fragment
  3. Schumann- First Loss
  4. Purcell- Rondeau
  5. Byrd- O Mistris Myne
  6. Grieg- Poetic Tone Picture #5
  7. Richardson- Air
  8. Mozart (arranged by Beethoven)- Theme: la ci darem la mano
  9. Richardson- A four-penny Fable
  10. Grieg- Arietta
  11. Richardson- Sea Sharp
  12. Handel- Aria
  13. Richardson- Song from the Hillside
  14. Telemann- Affetuoso
  15. Telemann- Allegro
  16. Richardson- A Melody for David
  17. Anonymous- Miss Baker's Hornpipe
  18. Anonymous- Lovely Nymph
  19. Telemann- Friendship
  20. Purcell- Air
  21. Purcell- Hornpipe
  22. Richardson- Adventure in Staccato
  23. Richardson- Down in the Valley
  24. Traditional- L'amour de moi
  25. Bach, JS- Gerechter Gott, ach, rechnest du?
  26. Richardson- The Kisscade Bird
  27. Haydn- Trio
  28. Mozart- Theme and Two Variations