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Spontaneous Bassoon Fabricator (Score & Parts)-WW5

Composer: Branchfield, Seann

Publisher: Edition Viento

Edition: 535


Spontaneous Bassoon Fabricator
for woodwind quintet
by Seann Branchfield (b. 1989)- American composer and songwriter
I. The Machine
II. The Randomizer
III. Vertical Cylindrical Planes
This is a three-movement work that features the bassoon in each movement. The role of the bassoon changes in each movement to explore the capability of the instrument in the ensemble. The first movement, the bassoon provides a driving bass line while the other instruments, although playing some melodic figures of their own, support and bring emphasis to the bassoon part. The second movement features the bassoon as a solo instrument in opposition to the ensemble almost like a concertino. The third movement encompasses both of these principles, using the bassoon as both foundation and solo instrument.