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Ten Serenade Waltzes-SOLO OB

Composer: Siqueira, Lenir

Publisher: Edition Viento

Edition: 105


Ten Serenade Waltzes for solo oboe

by Lenir Siquiera (b. 1922)

  1. Lair (a sister)
  2. Soberana (Your Excellency)
  3. Solucos d'Alma (Prayer for the Soul)
  4. Ila (cousin)
  5. Lula (nickname of Lenir's father, Luis- also a flutist)
  6. Lais (cousin)
  7. Serenata (Serenade)
  8. Lea (Cousin)
  9. Linda (lovely)
  10. Walquira (adapted from the name of Wagner's Valkyries)