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Quick Guide to Bassoon Reed Tuning - BSN

Composer: Eubanks, Mark

Publisher: Arundo Publications (Bassoon Brothers)

Edition: 50427


Quick Guide to Bassoon Reed Tuning
by Mark Eubanks

Mark Eubanks has created a recipe for tuning bassoon reeds. Built on his earlier publications, he presents a new step-by-step method for complete reed tuning. This booklet also includes a synopsis of bassoon reed design elements that affect tuning,
and additional tuning factors related to the bassoon, bocal and tone production issues. The publication is packed with information to help the bassoonist go to a problem, test it and fix it.

This valuable reference material is the result of nearly 50 years of research, innovation, professional reed making, major symphony orchestra performance, recording and teaching. Every bassoonist from the novice to the professional will benefit from new insights to help tame “the unruly beast.” From those who have previewed and helped in making this publication possible, it has been described as an “Incredible work. The more I look, the more I learn.” The universal comment has been “WOW!”