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Seven Kilvert Sketches - SOLO BSN

Composer: Williams, Adrian

Publisher: Eschig (France)

Edition: 60768


Seven Kilvert Sketches
for unaccompanied bassoon
by Adrian Williams (b. 1958) - British composer
I. Con alcuna licenza - Tempo comodo
II. Con moto ma non troppo
III. Serioso e con anima
IV. Giocos ma non troppo
V. Rubato
VI. Semplice
VII. Molto tranquillo
The reverend Francis Kilvert was a young clergyman living and working in the rural communities of the country bordering England and Wales during the late 19th century. He kept a diary which has in recent times become famous for its delightful descriptions of the countryside and the people of the time and his feelings about them. 
The pieces can be played as a set or separately, either with or without the reading-aloud of the diary extracts which preface each piece. For me, it is preferable that the extracts be read aloud rather than printed in the programmes. it is also acceptable for the extracts to be read over the music; how this is done is to be left to the discretion of the performers. 
Duration: 13:00