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Le Bouffon Triste (Score & Parts)-WW5

Composer: Savard, Henri

Publisher: Eighth Note Publications (Canada)

Edition: WWQ974


Le Bouffon Triste by Henri Savard

Most circus clowns assume a happy, even silly mien, even if they are feeling sad. That is their job! The bassoon, (the so-called "clown of the orchestra") can certainly portray a humorous, jocular role, but there are few orchestral instruments who can so successfully capture a melancholy, wistful, or pompous, scholarly mood. Our buffon can't seem to decide whether to be sad or playful. Here the solo bassoon begins in a somewhat tentative, depressed fashion, then tries desperately to drown his sorrow in the happy, carefree rhythm of a Viennese waltz, but gradually succumbs to grief, returning finally to a state of wistfulness and melancholy.