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Megalogadron - BSN SOLO

Composer: Eisenberg, Alexandre

Publisher: TrevCo

Edition: 71421


for solo bassoon
by Alexandre Eisenberg (b.1966) - Brazilian composer and flutist


Brazilian composer and flutist Alexandre J. Eisenberg, born in Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil in 1966, is known for his original compositions and interpretation of both traditional and contemporary concert music. His music, also published by Schott and Orphee/Theodore Presser, is regularly performed in Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Austria, China and Japan. A winner of two international composition prizes, namely the Rodrigo Riera Prize (Venezuela, 1999), the Fou de Basson Prize (France, 2005), and Indiana University Jacobs School of Music Dean’s Prize, Dr. Eisenberg's music has been recorded by the Clarinet Classics and Indiana University labels.

As a flutist Dr. Eisenberg held the principal position with the Amazonas Philharmonic and was guest flutist with the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra (OSB), the Rio de Janeiro Opera Orchestra (OSTM), the Bachiana Orchestra and the National Symphony Orchestra (OSN) in Rio de Janeiro, in addition to a long career as chamber player with several pianists, guitarists and fellow flutists. He has premiered much new music for flute, some of which dedicated to him. His flute recordings include new music by Brazilian composers Guilherme Bauer and Roberto Victorio.

A music professor at the Federal University of Santa Maria, Brazil, since 2006, Dr. Eisenberg teaches composition, analysis and chamber music.


Megalogadron was composed in 1984 and premiered by the extraordinary French-Brazilian bassoonist Noël Devos in the 1985 edition of the Panorama da Música Brasileira Contemporânea—a then yearly (now biennial) festival of Brazilian contemporary music sponsored by the School of Music of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.  This piece won First Prize in the Angoulême 2005 International Bassoon Composition Competition

The piece features an overall light and sarcastic—at times comic—atmosphere, highlighting the flexible, highly expressive capabilities of the bassoon in all of its registers.

All expressions on the score should be exaggerated as much as possible, so as to achieve maximal expressivity. The player should feel free to add any theatrical ideas of his/her own to the performance, if he/she deems appropriate. 

duration: 5 minutes