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Virtuoso Studies (performance score) - 2BSN

Composer: Dieppo

Publisher: Edition Musicus

Edition: 60312


Virtuoso Studies
for two trombones (bassoons)
by Dieppo (19th century)


"Dieppo" is somewhat of a mystery. During the early and middle parts of the 19th century he was recognized, at least in Paris, as the greatest trombone player in the world. His ancestry is obscure. At times he is called a Dane, and at other times a Swede. The records show Dieppo as trombone soloist with the celebrated Musard Concerts in Paris during the late 1830s; they show he was first trombone at the Paris Opera House in 1840 and at the same time was first trombone of the Society of Concerts. Berlioz was one of his greatest admirers and wrote special solo parts for him in several of his compositions. 

Rearranged and edited by Allen Ostrander, this title is presented in score form, and does not come with individual parts.