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Contemporary Works for Solo Bassoon-SOLO BSN

Composer: Misc

Publisher: Deutsche Verlag fur Music (Germany)

Edition: 8059


Musik und Spieltechniken des 20. Jahrhunderts
Contemporary Works for Solo Bassoon
Edited by Dieter Hahnchen

This collection contains:

1. Recitative V by Vyacheslav Artyomov
2. Five Etudes for Solo Bassoon byEdison Denisov
3. -the- m- for bassoon and live electronics by Paul-Heinz Dittrich
4. Komposition for solo bassoon by Jorg Herchet
5. Pezzo per fagotto by Georg Katzer
6. Solitude I per fagotto by Wilfried Kratzschmar
7. Solo per fagotto by Friedrich Schenker
8. Metamorphoses by Michael Stockigt
9. Rota for solo Bassoon by Johannes Wallman

This volume also comes with an extensive insert, detailing various 20th century extended techniques for bassoon, including multiphonics, microtones, etc.