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Sonata "Since Dawn is Breaking"-OB/PN

Composer: Dubery, David

Publisher: Emerson Editions (England)

Edition: E713


Sonata "Since Dawn Is Breaking"
for oboe and piano
by David Dubery (b. 1948)- South African-born English composer
    1. Slow and expressive
    2. Slow, with tenderness
    3. Lively
In 1981, when consulting Pierre Bernac's The Interpretation of French Song with Winifred Radford's elegant translations, I revisited Verlain's poem Puisque L'aube grandit, and I began to write the Sonata for oboe and piano, Since Dawn is Breaking
The three contrasting emotions expressed in the poem became my inspiration:
1. Hope that has been absent for some time and is now ready to return.
2. Tenderly guided by a new love, forging ahead whatever the future brings. 
3. The joy and happiness of treading that path towards a longed-for paradise.
The first two movements were completed during five weeks of February and march 1981, and the third followed in June 1982. 
The first movement develops around two main themes in a free fantasy form, while the second movement is a simple tender love song in which the oboe and piano entwine and then exchange melodies. The finale is an effervescent, rhythmic ode to hope and joy. The metronome tempi are only approximate indications. 
The sonata received many performances during the 1980s by the Verlaine Duo (Jonathan Tobutt and David Dubery) including the Manchester Concerts Society debut at the Royal Exchange Theater in 1982. 

Duration: 12:20