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Concertino per Fagotto - BSN/PN

Composer: Haydn, Michael

Publisher: Doblinger (Austria)

Edition: 59937


Concertino per Fagotto 
for bassoon and piano
by Johann Michael Haydn (1737-1806) - Austrian composer, younger brother of Franz Joseph Haydn

Edited by Werner Rainer with a piano reduction by Kurt Janiczek. 

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To sources for the Concertino for bassoon present a confusing picture, due to the circumstance that some of the movements were used several times over. The largest version, in seven movements, is the one in Lambach Abbey; it can be regarded as a serenade, though it does not bear that title. Given such a definition, this would be the fourth serenade by Michael Haydn. 

In Salzburg, it was by no means rare to incorporate concertante movements in serenades. By omitting the solo movements and one of the minuets, the work could be reduced to the dimensions of a symphony. 

Publishing such concertinos by themselves is thoroughly justified by the practice of the time; copies of these one-movement or two-movement pieces were in circulation and were used for performances. It is doubly interesting to publish such a concertino nowadays, because this one was written for the bassoon, an infrequent solo instrument in the classical era.