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Duo #1 (1992) (performance scores) - FL/BSN

Composer: Wolfgang, Gernot

Publisher: Doblinger (Austria)

Edition: 60027


Duo #1 (1992)
for flute and bassoon
by Gernot Wolfgang (b. 1957) - Austrian composer

From the composer:

This approximately eight-minute piece was composed in 1992 and is dedicated to bassoonist Judith Farmer. The form is A-B-C-A; the melodic and harmonic language is based on synthetic scales (among others, those described as 'double harmonic' by Vincent Persichetti), which in the course of the piece often appear simultaneously in different keys (polymodality). In keeping with my own jazz and funk background, the elements of rhythm and pulse are of decisive importance. However, the "Los Angeles Times" critique of July 1994 included the words, "...The piece may indeed be, as the composer claims, stylistically 'between jazz and funk', but to one listener it seemed, with all its charms, highly legit. Classical, even."

This title comes as two performance scores.