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Nebeneinanderlinien (Performance Scores)-2BSN

Composer: Resch, Gerald

Publisher: Doblinger (Austria)

Edition: 59981


Nebeneinanderlinien (Lines Next to Each Other)
Four Pieces for two bassoons
by Gerald Resch (b. 1975)- Austrian composer


This work comes with two performance scores. 

The title, Lines Next to Each Other refers to a cycle by the Austrian painter, Maria Lassnig. Parallel bundles of brush strokes change both in color and intensity as they flow over the white canvas. In doing so, they principally follow one unified gesture, but it is the digressions, the pauses in brush work, the delicate run-off of the colors, the chance points of contact that make Lines Next to Each Other come to life. 

"In my composition for two bassoons, I wanted to try something similar. Both instruments follow a unified gesture, speak the same language, and make use of the same musical material. But it was the delicate variations- such as, that even the exact same tone might sound slightly different when played on two bassoons- which interested me. 

With a very clearly defined repertoire of motifs, each of the four pieces attempts to spread a mesh of lines over a canvas of time. I wanted to use playing techniques (glissandi, playing without a reed, multi-phonics, quasi-pizzicato-articulation, etc.) not merely as ends in themselves, but rather as independent qualities of musical expression. 

Lines Next to Each Other was created at the suggestion of Barbara Loewe and her project New Music For Young Bassoonists. The four pieces are studies of both technical and musical features for the bassoon, which were essential in my composition "Passages" for bassoon solo and which are treated in that piece in much greater detail."